Kingdom of Saudi Arabia opened its borders for tourism in September 2019 and established more than 20 country offices globally, including India, to promote Saudi Arabia as a global tourism destination and develop a leading tourism brand for the country. Saudi Tourism Authority focuses on development of the tourism sector by building commercial partnerships with relevant stakeholders and coordinate with KSA destinations and attractions to maximize target visits. “SAUDI, Welcome to Arabia” is the consumer facing brand that carries a fundamental promise describing the experience that travelers will have while in the Kingdom. Our key target audience is Leisure and within this segment we will focus primarily on cultural explorers, travelling to be the first to experience an authentic culture, heritage and willing to explore an untapped adventure destination. Focusing on tourism, Saudi has undertaken many giga projects like NEOM, Red Sea & Amaala, Jeddah Historic City and Diriyah Project which will become the cornerstone of Saudi’s Vision 2030. The Red Sea Development will welcome its first visitors in 2023.