Kingdom of Saudi Arabia opened its borders for tourism in September 2019 and established more than 20 country offices globally, including India, to promote Saudi Arabia as a global tourism destination and develop a leading tourism brand for the country. Saudi Tourism Authority focuses on development of the tourism sector by building commercial partnerships with relevant stakeholders and coordinate with KSA destinations and attractions to maximize target visits. “SAUDI, Welcome to Arabia” is the consumer facing brand that carries a fundamental promise describing the experience that travelers will have while in the Kingdom. Our key target audience is Leisure and within this segment we will focus primarily on cultural explorers, travelling to be the first to experience an authentic culture, heritage and willing to explore an untapped adventure destination. Focusing on tourism, Saudi has undertaken many giga projects like NEOM, Red Sea & Amaala, Jeddah Historic City and Diriyah Project which will become the cornerstone of Saudi’s Vision 2030. The Red Sea Development will welcome its first visitors in 2023.

The right balance of the preservation and respect of its history and culture with modernity and innovation - that’s what you experience in Qatar, a land known for its incomparable generosity and hospitality. A journey of the senses - the country inspires you, captivates you. From museums and galleries to sports and desert safaris and local delicacies like majboos and luqaimat - Qatar has it all planned for you.

A pleasant surprise, Sri Lanka offers everything that completes a holiday - lush tea plantations & waterfalls, tropical beaches, jaw-dropping wildlife, historical monuments & temples. When in Sri Lanka, indulge yourself in some finger-licking parippu, or delicious cheese kottu, and enjoy a dreamy sunset by the sea. A day spent here, is a day really lived.

The land of Sun, Sea, and Sand - Maldives is mesmerising. With beautiful beaches, crystal clear blue lagoons, and colourful reefs, it is pure vision in its truest self. This postcard-perfect paradise on Earth is studded with luxurious water villas and endless palm groves swaying rhythmically. Maldives is an absolute beauty and delight - a must visit for anyone looking for some true magic!

An undiscovered gem - Azerbaijan welcomes you with all its warmth. From gorgeous mountains and farmlands and the old walled charm and modern skyscrapers of Baku, to the serene beaches at Mardakan or Buzovna enjoying the Caspian Sea - you experience diversity at its best. Spicy kebabs, mouthwatering halva, local dumplings 'Dushbara' - cuisine sure is a big part of this land's culture, and is bound to steal your heart. Azerbaijan is the land to be in if you want to enjoy an off-the-beaten-path destination.

From the tropical islands & flavourful cuisine to the stunning temples & famed martial arts - Thailand is a traveller's paradise. It is a land that mesmerises you with its beauty. Regarded as "the land of smiles", Thailand really lives up to that with extremely friendly and welcoming locals. Step into this country and feel at home!

Dewy clouds hugging the valley, fresh blossoms all around, monastery bells breaking the stillness of the evening - Nepal creates a world of its own. It's familiar, yet mysterious. A warm bowl of thukpa, followed by some delicious yamari and indigenous tongba - Nepali cuisine exudes comfort and excitement, clubbed with the beauty of the surroundings. The 'land of the mountains' is simply breathtaking.

An elusive and exotic land - Korea attracts thousands of tourists every year. Folk villages, swanky cities, gorgeous islands, breathtaking natural vistas, unbelievable range of unexplored natural sites - the country spoils you with choices. The cuisine here makes you believe in magic - whether it's the spicy bulgogi, or the staple kimchi or the healthy hobakjuk - you are bound to be awestruck. Korea is a delightful experience!

The Ministry of Tourism has been the driving initiatives to help the rebound of the travel and tourism industry, and also to highlight and showcase the initiatives of the Ministry of Tourism like the recently held G20 summit, or Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat, Dekho Apna Desh, Swadesh Darshan etc.

A cosmopolitan state that knows how to treasure its history while stepping onto the future with hope, dream and belief. The towering forts tell stories of unscathed courage and victory, while a sunset by the beach lets you relax and enjoy life in its little moments. Refreshing hill stations of Sahyadris, the nocturnal city of Mumbai, the mouth-watering yet simple misalpav and pav bhaji – Maharashtra offers unmatched warmth. When here, you feel at home.

The lush greens, the vibrant Valley of Flowers, the clear blue skies – Uttarakhand is a treat to the eyes. The beauty of this land moves your heart and soul. The sweetness of the rabri that melts in your mouth and tanginess of the gahat rasmi badi that stays with you long after – Uttarakhand stands for solace and excitement all at the same time. Come here to feel alive.

Crystal clear blue sky, the fresh and chilly breeze meeting your skin, and the winding rivers rippling their way through the greens... Himachal is close to perfection. The colourful houses dotting the mountains are home to the simplest and kindest of hearts that make your stay magical. Himachal feels like the warmth of your favourite blanket on a winter’s night. With pahari delicacies, sweet nothings of folk songs and welcoming smiles, the locals make you their own. Come, let the Queen of Hills steal your heart away!

White sand beaches dotting the coastline, palm trees all around and spectacular architecture reflected through the many churches and heritage sites – Goa paints a picture of the perfect travel destination. Goa flaunts its beauty from every nook and corner - buzzing nightlife, colourful flea markets, and dreamy sun sets – everything about this place promises to make your stay memorable for life.

The misty green hills, the long stretches of unspoilt beaches and the tranquil backwaters – Kerala is a delightful experience. The rhythm in the air offers a solace to your soul and lets you see a new world, a new you. Kerala indulges you with multi-cultural delicacies – from the tangy chemmeen curry to the delicate, soothing payasam – it’s a land that comforts you in ways you won’t find elsewhere; it is a paradise for food lovers. We welcome you to come and explore ‘God’s Own Country’ as your own.

The beautiful red sandstone carvings of Badami, the historical ruins of Hampi or the breathtaking sunsets at Gokarna – Karnataka takes you on a journey that’s unmatched. Away from the hustle of life, the nooks and corners of this land can be surprisingly soothing. Karnataka stays with you long after you leave. Whether through its distinct taste of Mangalorean biryani and the simplicity of neer dosa or its multi-cultural festivals, the state inspires you every time you visit.

Jammu & Kashmir is an ethereal wonder to say the least. With the snow-capped mountains, never-ending stretches of flower-beds and lush coniferous forests – it is the land of your dreams. Wander around the floating flower market on the Dal lake, piping hot pink chai giving you company, enjoying the view of the majestic mountains around you – it is here, in Jammu & Kashmir, that you make memories of a lifetime!

Culturally rich and naturally blessed - Odisha ticks all qualities of a dream holiday destination. With national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, august temples, breathtakingly beautiful beaches – this land is enigmatic in its own way. Odisha offers a sweet love that you can’t resist. With its famous mouth-watering desserts like chhena poda and Rasabali, it spoils you with choices. Simple, yet vibrant – Odisha is a wonder!

A land so diverse, that it makes you wonder. The moving beauty of the Taj Majal, the soulful aarti on the banks of Varanasi, the vintage world of Lucknow – Uttar Pradesh is all this and beyond. In this land of nawabi biryani and galaouti kebabs, you will always feel welcomed and at home. Uttar Pradesh adds flavours to your life!

Dotted with numerous Buddhist monasteries, Bihar is famed for its religious history and spiritual significance. The State is the land where Budhha began his journey on the path to enlightenment. From the Great Awakening Mahabodhi temple in Bodh Gaya to the Peace Pagoda Vishwa Shanti Stupa, Bihar is a blend of religion, spirituality, history, and education that makes the State one of its kind. Whether you are a peace seeker, one who would like to get a feel of the tribal culture and experience life in the rural parts of India, or get a glimpse of India's glorious past, Bihar will never stop to amaze you!

The awe looking at the architectural magnificence, the merriment at the vibrant local festivals and the excitement felt amidst the calm of the wildlife reserves – Madhya Pradesh sets you on a journey of discoveries and wonder. Every nook and corner of this state has an untold story that’s waiting for you. Enjoy the feisty haleem at Azad Nagar or a soothing glass of pej – once in Madhya Pradesh, your taste buds will be on a ride. A ride straight from the ‘Heart of India’!

Mauritius - a land known for its abundant beauty and swooning charm - is perfect for a blissful getaway. This country is a vacationer’s paradise, offering you everything you can ever dream of. Fresh, flamboyant and fun - the infectious energy of this land rubs off on you as soon as you set foot. Magical sunsets, adventurous water sports, diverse wildlife - Mauritius has it all and more.

From the tranquil landscapes and fascinating wildlife to the warmhearted people and their mouthwatering food - Kenya is unique and multifaceted. It lets you live a dream life and does it with ease. Authentic and exceptional are just two ways to describe this land of the Maasai, with its acacia trees and cloud-studded skies. Experience Kenya to know the wonders of nature.

Beaming with the French culture of Puducherry, historical temples of Rameshwaram and the unexplored beaches of Tranquebar – Tamil Nadu is a melange of senses. This southern magic land is phenomenal to say the least. Tamil Nadu makes its guests feel at home – with its culinary experience of Chettinad cuisine, vibrant cultural festivals and ever-welcoming people – it exudes warmth that is unmatched. It is where you feel rooted even as a guest!

Enriched with the most diverse and expressive culture in India, Punjab is renowned for its authentic cuisine, multi-hued culture, epic history, and genuine hospitality. From outstanding attractions like the exquisite Golden Temple and Jallianwala Bagh to planned cities; from experiencing rustic life at farm stays to impressive forts & ancient palaces, the state has plenty to offer. Punjab is truly a travellers' paradise with its scenic landscapes, cultural treasures, ancient civilization, spirituality and history.

With something new and exciting to see, do, and eat every time you visit, Bangkok never gets old. Regarded as the world’s most visited city, the land welcomes you with open arms. Bangkok creates memories for you - with a heady mix of food, culture, nightlife, shopping, and affordability that’s unmatched anywhere in Southeast Asia, it is simply ‘the one’ place that you must experience.

Discover an ancient world in Jerusalem, walk through the majestic curves of the Red Canyon, bask in the cultural vibrancy of Haifa - you get what your heart desires in Israel. Experience a star-studded night in the middle of the Negev Desert, with the humble falafel and magical babka on the side or go diving among the stunning coral reefs of the Red Sea - history, nature and culture - Israel is a kaleidoscope of everything beautiful.

The chance to see the Silverback gorillas is just the beginning of what Rwanda has to offer. Relax at Lake Kivu, explore live handicraft making at the Ethnographic Museum or shop for traditional textiles and designs at the Kimironko Market - enjoy the ‘Land of a Thousand Hills' in all its glory. Try delicious and unique local cuisine like spicy agatogo and piping hot brochettes, or if you are a cinema lover, enjoy some me-time at the Rwanda Film Festival. Rwanda welcomes you, treasures you, and you can feel it.

A tropical paradise, Fiji is pure bliss. Whether a white water rafting adventure with your friends, or hiking down the history in the Oho Caves with your family - explore the land your way. The cuisine here is simple, yet delicious - enjoy kokoda for lunch and try some coconut bread or cassava cake at a tiny cafe round the corner. Reflected through its natural beauty, food and culture - Fiji is as exotic as it gets. So, sit back and relax.

Cambodia, the land of colossal temples brings you a sense of peace that fills your soul. Experiencing sunrise at the beautiful beaches like Otres Beach and Koh Tonsay awakens the wanderer in you. A treasure trove of the most exquisite food like prahok & kuy teav and the famous sugar palm wine - the country teaches you to enjoy the little moments of life, with a dash of wonder. Cambodia is easy to fall in love with!

Sun-kissed turquoise blue water, dreamy white sand beaches, lush green mountains… Seychelles is beauty personified. Spend your nights at a classy villa overlooking the sea, and your days birdwatching at Vallee de Mai or island hopping - there is something for everyone in this paradise. Enjoy a range of adventure activities like trekking, hiking, scuba diving & snorkelling; indulge yourself in some exotic yet simple multicultural cuisine like grilled fish, spicy satini and the creamy ladob. Come to Seychelles, explore the wanderer in you.

Oozing with warmth and excitement, Delhi is where you see all the facets of India. This land is full of colourful stories and a history that is unparalleled. Beautiful architecture, mouth-watering food, people with the biggest heart - that's Delhi for you. Come and feel the magic of this land. We promise you to go back with moments etched as memories!

A land filled with colours, new and old – Puducherry is a quaint paradise for anyone who loves art, culture, and life. With streets lined with old French architecture to marvel, beaches to relax at and Auroville helping you to deep dive within – it is complete within itself. Fresh, mouth watering breakfast, followed by a trip to the backwaters and then ending the day with a quiet candle-light dinner at a pretty cafe – Puducherry exudes warmth and zeal for life. Come to immerse your soul in this wonderland!

A state with a grand heritage and historical pride, Telangana is unique in its own way. Its varied art forms, multicuisine platters and colourful culture never lets you have a dull moment. The serenity of the Pakhal Lake, the ruins of the Golkonda Fort, the cascading wonder of the Ethipothala Falls - Telangana mesmerises you, enthrals you. Come here to be blown away!

Named the “Abode of Clouds”, Meghalaya enjoys its glory having one of the richest biodiversity in the world. The refreshing monsoons, the colourful traditional festivals, and the dramatic terrain - the land is a favourite among travellers for a reason. Whether you are looking for an adrenaline-filled adventure or a tranquil spot to calm your senses and recharge your mind away from the hustle-bustle, Meghalaya is the place for you.